Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Raiding - Fifth - no Fourth! With Myth Nyth

Ok, that was a totally lame attempt at alliteration with my blog post title. But Myth Nyth has a nice ring to it.

We did have a little look at Nyth on Thursday which was a bit disorganised and chaotic and we said we'd look at it a little more closely and tune it a little bit.

The main difference as that 10 stacks of rot gets you mind controlled so trying not to get rot stacks was important, and then making sure you went into the melee group when you were MC'd so they could DPS you out of it was also important. I was a bit confused at first, because I had more than 10 stacks and wasn't mind controlled but you only get mind controlled after a breath.

What we ended up doing was splitting the room into two with 2 groups each side. Then with the rot, we'd have people placing their rots in a line towards the boss rather than at random patches at the edges of the room. The problem with the patches around the edge of the room on both sides was that when the rot got sucked back into the boss they would all come together like a wave and there was no way to dodge that as well as dodge the bugs.

So the rot lines were close to the tail (if the tail was 12 o'clock, the lines either side were from 11 and 1 o'clock), which I wasn't that happy with, but it seemed to work. The tanks also decided to get MC'd after every 2nd breath and that worked well.

On our fourth attempt, it was really messy but we managed to kill it with just 4 people up!

That was exciting! Those bloody monks got some great loot (haste mastery boots, which they said were terrible stats but they're great druid boots) but no legendaries that night!

We had a look at spider druid afterwards and we had so many issues with the tanks going splat after the first move! It's going to take some working out, but we did get better but we have ways to go yet.

Good work Frostwolves! Oh my goodness, since when did we become mythic raiders! I feel a bit silly because I kept telling everyone that we are a heroic guild and we only do mythic when we run out of stuff to do. And here we are!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Guildleader Chores - The Spirit Cauldron Debate

Cauldrons are back! We haven't had cauldrons since Lich King!

These Spirit Cauldrons require 4 of each kind of flask - agility, strength, intellect and stamina - and a Blood of Sargeras. The Cauldron then churns out 30 spirit flasks which will turn into whatever stat flask you need.

Expensive to make compare to the WotLK ones! But still, there is some benefit to it.

Getting the flasks for a cauldron can be quite pricey - if we bought flasks from the AH they are 1800-2200g for one flask! So to create a spirit cauldron from the AH it would cost at lesat 36000 gold. The thought boggles!

So we decided that it would be in the best interest of the raid to create a cauldron for raiding. Every member of the heroic raid has to come flasked anyway, so instead of them drinking that flask, they can put that towards the cauldron, and then they can take one out of the cauldron, which will be cost neutral. However, in a mythic raid (using mythic as an example because it's a nice set number of 20) 10 people can double dip and get 2 flasks. That's 2 flasks for the price of one. Sounds like a no brainer right? Just taking one flask per raid?

Of course, there are 10 people who will miss out. However, the alchemists get 2 hours out of one flask so they don't need a second flask, so they are the true cost neutrals in the raid, donating one flask and getting one back. So we can take them out of the people needing to double dip. That would still leave 4-5 people who need to take a second flask. But, you could take turns rotating that, so that on one raid night 5 people need 2 flasks for a 2 hour raid (which is what they would normally do anyway without a cauldron), and on the next night they can take 2 flasks from the cauldron.

It seems like such an easy idea, which would save people mats in the long run. In addition, the cauldron can also proc when it's crafted, so sometimes making one cauldron you can proc another 5 cauldrons! Which would save even MORE in gold and mats! However, you have to have 3 stars in the recipe for the cauldron to get that to occur.

So we thought we'd introduce it for raids, as it seemed like a good idea, saving mats and then people would only have to bring one flask per raid. However, we did not expect to have so much opposition!

A few guildies have expressed their concerns with this, mainly to do with controlling their own consumables. I thought that saving money or saving their proper flasks for doing mythic plus or other things would be more valuable to them, but they preferred using their own flasks rather than contributing towards the guild cauldron. However, it was very confusing to me, as I felt like if they contributed the flask they were going to take for the first hour of raid, they'd end up with 2 flasks that they could use for the whole raid, thereby saving one flask for dungeons.

I asked some friends of mine who were GMs of guilds with similar progress and 2 of them didn't know what a spirit cauldron was, and one said that the guild bank couldn't afford it. Only one of my mates used a cauldron and they made their guildies contribute 6 flasks for the week for the cauldron. Wow. We only ask for 3! Or really, however many heroic/mythic raids you will attend. However, we do have shorter raids.

We'll give people a few weeks to get used to the idea, and kick it in from Blizzcon. In the meantime I'm recording all contributions publicly so everyone can see who is contributing what. There was some concern that it's a lot of work - but hey, I'm the one doing the work, it's no harder than EPGP!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Raiding - Ahead of the Curve.. REALLY?

I have to admit I was VERY surprised to kill Xavius on Monday night after only 11 attempts!

Having done it on normal it was much the same, just everything seemed to hit harder. That spooky trash at the beginning where you're standing in blank white space and then all these things start creeping towards you....

The fight is a little bit Cho'gall/Sha of Pride, where you have a corruption bar that you don't want to max out on or you'll get mind controlled. And there are heaps of ways to get corruption - hit by adds, being hit by abilities, dispelling debuffs...

But there is a dream phase where you can reach max corruption and all that happens is that you get kicked out of the dream - a bit like a get out of jail free card.

We were having issues with healers going crazy, especially the ones who started outside the dream. We figured out it was adds getting to us (and for me in particular, it was sharing meteors when I was already at high corruption).

From the healer point of view we have our own things to coordinate, so my understanding of the DPS roles in the fight are limited. The dreamers were supposed to dispel stuff off the tanks, which gives them and us corruption, and also soak adds and pools.

There was also a line of thorny things which was like the arrow you get when doing Phase 2 in Archimonde, and the tanks were having issues with that constantly rolling over them. We did have a bit of confusion about WHERE we were supposed to be running those things - we thought it was through the middle but not on top of the tanks.

To make it all clear we added rainbows.

W were supposed to run it between green and orange. Yellow was where tanks were going for dispels. Purple was where I was running to when I had an add on me. However once someone pulled their rainbow out to show the line of running everyone wanted to play with their rainbow so hopefully everyone understood what the hell they were supposed to do.

I was getting people to dispel 2 and then swap because we did have some accidents with running into stuff and getting more corruption. That seemed to work well. And the third person was always the one doing it when we got out of the dream and having to take a bit of corruption.

So for the kill attempt we had:
Tanks: Kyxyn, Aimei, Chikaku
Healers: Navi, Cosima, Nerd, Dil, Yeti, Ram
DPS: Sevrus, Crooked, Ultra, Duck, Splatz, Vorkrack, Naesca, Erve, Sars, Fox/KT, Gen, Lushen, Fielsa, Eurie

We couldn't believe it 7/7H already! So what now? Mythic? Geez, it seemed so unlike us!

But we will do another week of heroic, and when we've cleared it then we'll look at mythic. I'm not looking forward to whittling down to 20 when we have so much more with more than 20 and we'll have to institute some changes - hopefully it will go down well!  Good work Frostwolves!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Raiding - It makes me sad to kill Cenarius!

We had Spider boss and Cenarius planned for Thursday, and even though we managed to get Elerethe Renferal down in just over half an hour, it felt like more than an hour! But it was good to get that down and have a laugh because everyone seemed to be getting a cloak!

Then it was onto Cenarius. You know, it felt like one big mess and I felt like we were missing something. We were! Everyone was forgetting to stand under the bad tree, and people were being a bit careless with their thorns, running them into the raid instead of out of the raid. People were also cleansing their stacks too often so that others were stuck with high stacks pulsing damage out to everyone. But, once we got to 30% it was easy - just living to that part was the tough bit!

I did some extremely LAME healing. I will have to improve on that next time!

Amayeti got a Legendary! Look at poor Cenarius... I'm so sad! Our druid patron god.... how can this be!

So now we have all of Monday on Xavius. Exciting! Good work Frostwolves! Sorry you couldn't be there again, Aza....

Edit: Oops, I forgot, it's all a nightmare! So once you defeat Xavius, you see everyone again - Cenarius, Ursoc etc - as their normal selves, nightmare free. I guess everyone will see that in LFR too if they don't get to do normals.